Interview: Dr Elmar Jung

Bridging Dentistry and Wellness: Dr. Elmar Jung on the Journey of Holistic Dental Practices and the Power of Patient Education

Interview: Dr Elmar Jung
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Dr Elmar Jung

Dr. Elmar Jung, a distinguished figure in the realm of holistic and biological dentistry. Dr. Jung, who is not only the founder of Dr. Elmar Jung Dental Clinic but also a naturopath, author, podcaster, and an international speaker, has dedicated nearly 35 years to advocating for an integrative holistic approach in dental practice since graduating from dental school.

We delve into the critical role of oral health as an integral component of overall wellness. Dr. Jung shares his unique perspective on holistic dentistry, including his critiques of traditional practices like amalgam fillings, root canals, orthodontics and more. The interview also goes into a discussion on views on fluoride use, the significance of dental and patient education, and the evolving dynamic between patients and healthcare providers.

Furthermore, Dr. Jung emphasizes the importance of diet, lifestyle, emotions, and breathing in maintaining not just oral health, but also its influence on our general health.

The interview concludes with a discussion on the future of holistic dentistry, particularly how patient education and self-awareness are pivotal in empowering individuals to take charge of their health.

Time Stamps

00:54 Growing Up in Germany, Dental Training
04:31 Dental Education in West and East Germany and Lessons for Today
06:39 Questioning Professors/Authority
10:11 Holistic Dentistry vs. Traditional Dentistry
13:05 On Oral Health Being Separated from Overall Health
17:04 The Meridian Tooth Chart
19:55 Discussion on Root Canals
29:48 Discussion on Amalgam, Composite, and Other Fillings, Removal Issues
39:35 His Relationship with Traditional Dentists
42:35 Discussion on Patient-Doctor Relationships
47:48 Discussion on Fluoride
53:40 Discussion on Regulatory Capture/Industry Interests
55:11 Conventional Orthodontists vs. Holistic Orthodontist Practices
57:24 Breastfeeding and Oral Development
01:04:50 Salivary Diagnostics/Oral Biome
01:09:10 Oral Health Post-Covid/Pandemic Effects
01:13:45 Remineralizing Teeth/Importance of Diet
01:14:19 Breathing and Oral Health
01:17:00 Diet/Lifestyle Recommendations
01:19:17 Future of Holistic Dentistry
01:27:51 The Role of Emotions in Oral Health
01:32:00 How to Download Dr Jung’s Book for Free / Closing Statements

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Dr Jung’s most recent book: Shut Your Mouth and Open Wide

Twitter: @elmarjung

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