features a collection of interviews, notes and explorations from a variety of perspectives.

Born from an interest for unearthing new perspectives and stories, this is my personal journey to explore the vast world of knowledge, from the depths of the ocean to the frontiers of technology, and everything in between.

Current interests include but not limited to health, philosophy, coffee, the ocean, art, Buddhism,  fashion, technology, hunting, languages, clean tech, collapse, sound, literacy, language, entrepreneurship, the world, much more...

Trying to stay out of ideological echo chambers and bubbles by talking to people and view points with diverse perspectives.

Written and edited by an entrepreneur, surfer, ocean lover and current Hawaii resident.

I’m a technology, retail, and real estate entrepreneur and have worked as a founder / partner in a variety of robotic, clean tech, and retail sector early stage companies. Some failed. Some did ok. Some still have an impact. I have a variety of interests and this helps me explore with people from around the world. I grew up in South America (Chile, Brazil, Mexico) and have lived in Japan, India and the United States (currently based in Oahu, Hawaii).

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