Interview: Charles Hugh Smith - April 2024

On The Value of 30 Friends vs 30 Bunkers, Advice for Going Grey, Doom Loops, Surrender vs Local Averaging, Finding Authenticity in Life and more.

Interview: Charles Hugh Smith - April 2024
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This is my second interview with the writer Charles Hugh Smith

For a deep dive into Charle’s past, bio, writing etc I recommend you take a listen to the October 2023 interview with Charles Hugh Smith.

For those familiar with his writing on self reliance, agency, ownership, authenticity and autonomy I hope you find this interview fruitful.

We explore Charles's recent perspectives on various topics: from the contrasting merits of cultivating 30 friendships versus building 30 bunkers, his advice on _going grey_. We delve into his astute analysis of the potential doom loops facing cities and perhaps the broader Western world, navigating censorship within a narrative-controlled environment, the dynamics of small, close-knit vs large open societies, his motivation for also writing fiction, and his ultimate message of uncovering authenticity in life.

Thanks for being here.

Time Stamps

01:15: On a 30 person network vs a 30 room bunker
15:14: On The Doom Loop of Cities
22:15 On Global Capital / Mobility / Civic Engagement
28:48 On Migration / “Voting with your feet”
31:50 Self Sufficiency vs Self Reliance
36:52 On Going Grey
40:25 On Being Anonymous / Surveillance Economy
49:09 On Being Shadow Banned
55:53 Post Truth
65:12 Tight and Loose Cultures Spectrum
73:53 On Writing Fiction
80:52 Finding Authenticity in Life


Twitter/X: @chsm1th
Substack: Charles Hugh Smith

Music Intro Sample: Accurst by Acediast

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