Interview: Still by Hand

Had the great pleasure of supporting Japanese brand STILL BY HAND who provides clean, sporty but still quirky looks and had a quick chance to sit down with the brand designer. The brand, as its name implies, takes a delicate, meticulous approach to menswear – concentrating on tailored fits and wearable colors over eccentric patterning or silhouettes. STILL BY HAND offers a notable selection of well-cut trousers, pairing these with smart button-ups and an array of lightweight jackets. The brand also includes blazers, knits and quilted vests without being overbearingly formal. Enjoy this look at the forthcoming stuff from STILL BY HAND.

Could you walk us through your work with Still by Hand?

My name is Yanagi , the current designer of Still by Hand. Originally I worked in Women’s clothing design after living in London for a few years and was recruited by Studio Oribe to work on a new collection called Still by Hand, a cut and sew line based out of Tokyo.

Where do you find your inspiration?

There is nothing in particular but I am always looking at small things. For example I was looking at rusty nail on the floor and suddenly became excited by the similar color and tone to the soil. This contrast between the two is an example of where I find inspiration. In small details.

Who is your audience for your clothes and items?

I don’t have a particular customer in mind, but we have had success with those between 20 and 40 year old. Someone looking for something sharp, clean and wearable.

How important is making things in Japan to your collection? Are there any crafts people who are of particular interest to you?

Japanese design is at mature point in time, going in many directions and provides us with a strong position to execute.

Why do you still make all your products in Japan? Do you have any favorite makers or collaborators?

My creative pace fits perfectly with Japanese makers. The cloths for a relaxed style should be well made and beautiful - this is possible to do in Japan.

Is there any plans for women’s?

Currently we are focused on making quality Men’s clothing. Our parent company has other women’s brands they focus on.

What other brands are you interested in or finding inspiration in?

Comme De Garcons.

Your lookbooks are always fun, minimal and bit quirky? How do you go about making your lookbooks?

The important thing is not to make beautiful looking clothing but instead if the clothes fit the model and context. Sometimes we change the model and location to make sure it fits perfectly with the clothing. We work together as a team to make sure we can find the best from the clothing.  We like to make sure that clothing looks confident but subdued.

Where do you guys want to go in the next 5 years? 10 Years?

We will aim to make the same style and sense of value. To make things that we believe are well made and cool.

Thanks - humble answers from a near perfect line of wearable clean menswear. 










Q8;Still by handのルックブックは非常に洗練されていてとても美しいです。ルックブックを撮影する際の

Q9;今後、5年後、10年後Stil by handはどのような方向に向かっていると思いますか?

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