Interview: Momo Yamaguchi / Black Crane

Black Crane is a gorgeous line created by Momo Yamaguchi. Based in Los Angeles, Momo and her husband Alexander Yamaguchi have created a life that is reflected in their designs; beauty, simplicity, a deep appreciation for nature, and elegance reign here. Momo took the time to answer some questions for us about her processes, influences, and inspirations. 

You began your career in environmental art and architecture. How did you make the transition to clothing and jewelry design? How does your background in environmental art and architecture influence the way you work with jewelry and textiles?

My husband started his own clothing line called Alexander Yamaguchi about 10 years ago. Designing and building a space is not something you can do by yourself and it’s not as simple of a process as clothing. As I watched my husband produce his own line, I wanted to create what I want to wear…..It was very natural start for me.

I profoundly adore Carlo Scarpa, an Italian architect who is a true prodigy of details, reflecting the intrinsic beauty of joints and connection. When I design my collection, I find myself enjoying keeping the whole design very simple, but always placing settle details, specially on the threshold for different fabrics.

What influences do you draw upon in your designs? What are your inspirations?

The world around me.
I love watching people on the street and hiking to find a great deal of beauty in the nature.
The inspiration is the endless. 

You are based in Los Angeles. How does California, and more specifically, Los Angeles influence your work?

I believe my collection reflects my daily life in LA. It is very simple, casual and relaxed.

What is the significance of Black Crane? Where did the name originate from?

Originally my brand name was Black Pupil to indicate my Japanese roots, but I had to change the name due to a trademark issue. The crane symbolizes happiness in Japan and I think it is simply elegant. 

What’s next for Black Crane? What are your goals for your line?

What’s next….. I would love to explore by using more different materials.
My goal is to create the line that people would think as timeless pieces.

(All photos courtesy of Momoko Suzuki and Black Crane)

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