Project: Dillon Montara


Dillon Montara is a denim based men’s wear collection rooted in North California. The brand was developed to capture the ethos and lifestyle between Dillon Beach north of San Francisco and Montara Beach with its rough hallow beauty south of the City. 

Dillon Montara was a Denim Line made for surfers, makers, tinkers, thinkers, dreamers and doers. People who take love and take pride in the small details, who worship tradition but know how to keep things moving forward.

The collection was made for several seasons between 2013 and 2016 for the retail stores I ran and was sold also on a wholesale basis to retailers around the world. The brand developed a following as minimalist workwear line with high quality fabrication, fabrics and hidden details. The brand was closed after my retail business was acquired by a 3rd party.  


Dillon Montara was a fun and challenging project. We made exceptional high quality clothing in San Francisco using the best of details. The brand was supported by a successful Kick Starter campaign and expanded into wholesale accounts worldwide. 

One of our flagship products was the Dillon Montara slim tapered jean that featured exceptional fit, production quality and strong loyal following.

The Dillon Montara tapered jean is the core product of which other products revolved around. While we made shirts, jackets, accessories and more, at the core Dillon Montara was a jean line and the slim tapered our focused pinnacle.

We traveled through Japan and the US sourcing the best materials and are sold 1000s of pairs in beautiful fabrics. The fit featured a medium block, a medium rise, a leg that tapers just slightly. Not skinny, not straight, tapered for a fit that was unique, practical and wearable. For people who do , and live in their jeans.


The jean featured taped seams, single needle production and American hardware in brass and nickel. Small quiet details that speak only to the wearer. We source our leather from a tannery in Northern California and finish these jeans entirely in house with a small team of craftsmen and makers.

We used machines when needed and hands when better.


From bankers to tellers to electricians to artists - Dillon Montara was worn by a variety of bodies and lives and was featured in many press outlets, and was used in wardrobe by HBO’s Looking series and other productions worldwide.

I’m thankful for the 1000s fans of worldwide who supported the production and line. 

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