Art: Artichoke Underground

Artichoke Underground Installation

Had the great pleasure of being on the team that assisted reinstalling the maze like art installation by Justin Lowe and Jonah Freeman known as “Artichoke Underground.”

Presented by Marlborough Chelsea and titled “Artichoke Underground,” it centered around the printmaking lab of the same-named fictional artist collective, will all type of adjoining, disjointed rooms leading fair-goers through the piece. 

The artists’ large-scale installation, Artichoke Underground, continued to explore the narrative of the fictitious collective of the same name. As with previous installations, attention to detail, both in the execution and the colorful backstory, reigns supreme. The piece featured a series of seemingly disparate interiors including a Punjabi kitchen and an incubator for the study of plant consciousness—all part of the disorienting maze of scenes surrounding the Artichoke Underground (AU)’s print shop.

Really fun build out in Europe working with the artists on this complex installation. 

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