Notes: 40 for 40 - Walking 40 Miles Across Honolulu

For my 40th, I decided to walk 40 miles across Honolulu. An account of a long walk.

Notes: 40 for 40  - Walking 40 Miles Across Honolulu

For my 40th, I decided to walk 40 miles across Honolulu.  I like urban long walks and thought why not push it to match my arg new middle age!  Took about 14 hours or so - a friend joined for me about 15 miles of the trek to share in the free adventure.  It was great.

My route roughly started with a loop of Diamond Head Crater, then next to China Town via the Ala wai back to Kaimuki, back around Diamond Head to Kahala to weave back to Kaakako thru Waikiki back to Chinatown and then back to Kahala back to home until I hit 40 miles.  

Each mile or so I tried to a picture of something.  Here are some of those photos and observations below.

Some quick thoughts;

  • Podcasts + Language learning tools are your friends on walks - Use wired headphones. Call your  friends  as you walk. Talk to strangers. Wave. Take strange unknown routes.   Stop in non  chain stores. Talk to store keepers.
  • COVID era has made street portraits a little harder to take - people are a little skittish but after telling them I’ve been vaccinated most opened up or just ran away from me.   Still I tried.
  • Few people walk long distances in Honolulu - blazing heat and hot.  
  • Walking is the best way to really engage a city - long long  distances  make you cross different economic, class, and social areas.
  • The 40 mile goal or any goal  is critical to give your adventure a purpose and sense of accomplishment.  I hit about 39.5 miles when I got home so I decided to go to the bodega to finish the last half mile.
  • Taking pictures along the way adds some sense of exploration
  • Bring an extra battery for your camera and phone
  • Drinks, food easy.  Just stop  in any  any bodega on the way. Don’t eat too much.  It will just slow you down.  Salt.  
  • Layer. Prepare for the elements. A big hat.
  • The first 25 miles or so are pretty easy. The body or at least  mine starts hurting after 30 miles. Miles 30 to 35  are the hardest.
  • I discovered a lot of new restaurants  I want to try- Buildings I  have never seen, stores I  want to support.
  • Finish with a shower and a treat. I bought a piece  of sweet potato haupia pie to end the day.
  • Hopefully this inspires you to walk! Do it!
I like the high/low variety of homes in Hawaii
Jon every morning feeds feral cats on the Diamond Head Crater. Great beard. Great energy.
“It’s my pleasure and purpose” answered this Air Force member on thanking him for his service.
Tile work
Tony grilling for Times market.
COVID Era Religion
High Low
Bruce enjoying a drink and the sun.
Houses of Honolulu
Turtle Power - a metaphor for the walk.
Spike - in high school my girlfriend played a lot of volleyball and I was always asked to watch. I’m still neutral on the sport. This spot on Waikiki is always packed with players.
Colorful Polish Andy. “If you need to find me again - just the ask the Police-they know me as Polish Andy!” Great shaka. Older people are always cooler.
40 Days of Pro-Life Protest - “We’ve saved a few babies - A few Moms have turned away after talking to us - so its worth it”
Houses of Honolulu - Island hoarding/prepping
Green onions for kimchee - Korean American with a great shaka and awesome garden
Mahalo. Jah. Outsider art. Thanks Honolulu for allowing me to explore on my 40th

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